Entry Visa Requirements

Solomon Islands' only international airport is Honiara International Airport. Airplane connections to Honiara are below:

Brisbane, Australia - Solomon Airlines, Pacific Blue
Nadi, Fiji - Air Pacific
Port Moresby, Papua Nuigini - Air Niugini
Port Villa, Vanuatu - Air Vanuatu
Tarawa, Kiribati - Our Airline

Some citizens only need a return ticket to enter Solomon as visitor. Some citizens will need entry visa to enter Solomon. Please refer to below explanation and attachments to find which countries are exempted from having entry visa. Lists can be found at bottom.

List 1 - If your country is on this list, you have two options. You can get the entry visa and enter Solomon with one-way ticket only. Or if you are in hurry, you can enter Solomon with a return ticket and you will be issued with visitor visa upon arrival at the Honiara International Airport.

List 2 - If your country is on this list, you only have one option. You must have entry visa to enter Solomon. When you have the entry visa, you may enter Solomon with one-way ticket.

Entry Visa Application Process

Please send us following information/documents:

1. Travel itinerary
2. Copy of passport photo/detail page
3. Name of ship intending to board
4. Position in the ship

Mako Fisheries will submit the visa application on your behalf. The process takes 3-4 working days as it must be approved by the Director of Immigration. Please note the processing time is not flexible. You must send the request in advance to avoid disappointment.

When the visa is issued, it will be forwarded to you with our letter of guarantee. We will also request the airline to give OK Board confirmation. A sample of entry visa and our guarantee letter can be found below.

Airport Pickup & Hotel Reservation

Please advise the time of arrival and we can arrange airport pickup to hotel or ship.

James Kim,
May 6, 2011, 6:08 PM
James Kim,
May 6, 2011, 6:08 PM
James Kim,
May 6, 2011, 6:08 PM